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‘The Trauma Is Indescribable’: On the Ground in the Shadow of ISIS

Mark Mellinger speaks with a Christian leader in the Middle East who has been in the center of the storm, working to help believers who have been forced to flee their homes and have lost most of their earthly possessions Read More

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TGC Spotlight 09.12.14

TGC Spotlight is a new Friday feature that highlights TGC articles from earlier in the week, previews articles coming next week, and links to items around the web that you... Read More

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We’re Story Addicts: Mike Cosper on TV, Movies, and the Hearts that Love Them

We are story-addicted creatures. No wonder Redbox and Netflix aren’t hurting for business. How do we thoughtfully engage the movies and shows that capture our imaginations? Read More

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Cops: My Kinsmen According to the Law

There was never a more profound moment in my career than the day I realized I was no different before God than the man I had just placed into handcuffs. Read More

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Did John Calvin Believe in Free Will?

The long-standing debate surrounding the doctrines of grace leave us open to the all-too common objection that we are just a bunch of robots. Is this what John Calvin argued? Read More

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Tears in Memphis

When we feel the gravity of our neighbors’ troubles, we might even ask, 'Is there any hope for this city?' And sometimes all we can do is cry. Read More

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Signs of Spiritual Awakening in Japan

Japanese missionaries are praying that the country is transformed into a springboard for world outreach. Read More

TGC International Outreach

(Swedish) Book Project: What Is the Gospel?

Due to secularization, the preaching of liberal theology, humanistic thoughts, and prosperity “gospels,” many churches are weak. On average one evangelical church is closing down every week, and some are even converted into Islamic centers. Your gift will help re-awaken church leaders to the true Gospel.