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Life and Hope in a World of Loss

David Powlison on ministering to those experiencing loss, fostering churches in which it’s safe to grieve, and more. Read More

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Making Sense of the Stories We Tell

The gospel helped me make sense of everything, even the works of literature written by often passionately anti-Christian authors. Read More

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When You’re Truly Broken Over Sin

​Repentance is hard because pridefulness is easy. Read More

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Seeking Revival Amid Recreation

Why do you need Jesus when you're already happy? What do you need God to provide when, even if you lost all your possessions, you could just live on the beach? Read More

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Rooted Honors Youth Ministers

These youth workers spiritually form teenagers to cultivate a lasting love of and relationship with Jesus Christ. Read More

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Students Need to See Beyond Their Resumés

I want to meet students as human beings made in the image of God and who, in my immediate context, need to find work, make a living, and pay off student loans. Read More

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Dear Timothy: Set Your Eyes on Faithfulness

Faithfulness for the pastor is the barometer of success no matter the size of the church or the scope of the ministry. Read More

TGC International Outreach

(Swedish) Book Project: What Is the Gospel?

Due to secularization, the preaching of liberal theology, humanistic thoughts, and prosperity “gospels,” many churches are weak. On average one evangelical church is closing down every week, and some are even converted into Islamic centers. Your gift will help re-awaken church leaders to the true Gospel.