The Gospel Coalition just released the latest issue of Themelios. It is available as a 185-page PDF and in HTML.

  1. D. A. Carson | More Examples of Intolerant Tolerance

  2. Michael J. Ovey | Sorrow at Another's Good?

  3. Andreas J. Köstenberger | The Present and Future of Biblical Theology

  4. Rob Smith | Music, Singing, and Emotions: Exploring the Connections

  5. Peter R. Schemm Jr. | The Writing Pastor: An Essay on Spiritual Formation

  6. 68 Book Reviews

    1. Old Testament | 2 reviews

    2. New Testament | 19 reviews

    3. history and historical theology | 9 reviews

    4. systematic theology and bioethics | 15 reviews

    5. ethics and pastoralia | 14 reviews

    6. missions and culture | 9 reviews

Andy Naselli (PhD in Theology, Bob Jones University; PhD in New Testament exegesis and theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is assistant professor of New Testament and biblical theology at Bethlehem College and Seminary, research manager for D. A. Carson, and administrator of Themelios. His family belongs to Bethlehem Baptist Church. You can follow him on Twitter.

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