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This Week’s Bestsellers

Last week I said that I had been given a reprieve. With only one new book added to the list of bestsellers, I finally had a chance to catch up. Well, I did quite well, even if not spectacularly so. I got through Willie Mays which was quite a long book and have nearly finished out On the Brink. Assuming that I finish that book up this afternoon, that leaves me with only Anticancer remaining on my to-do list.

It turns out that this week is part two of my reprieve. Just one new book found its way onto the list this week, and it only just managed it, squeaking on at #15. Scott Patterson’s The Quants describes “How a new breed of math whizzes conquered Wall Street and nearly destroyed it.” If I understand the premise correctly, the book tells of some of the hedge fund managers who made fantastic amounts of money in the lead-up to the economic downturn, contributing to the disaster and witnessing their own personal disasters through it. It sounds like it will be interesting enough.

I ought to be able to catch right up by the end of the week, leaving me to anticipate what might make its way onto the list next week. As usual, I have no idea what books are the obvious up-and-comers.

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