Jared C. Wilson|3:34 pm CT

Church Growth

“If we entertain people, our church will grow. If we lead in worship, our church may shrink until it is composed of a group of people who want to worship. Then the church has a chance to grow based on the precedent of worship. The church that worships will have many visitors who never come back, and a few who cannot stay away.”

– David Hansen, The Art of Pastoring

“One does not preach the cross to win the admiration of the audience. The goal is to have them look up in awe at the cross, which implants new ideas and uproots the old ways of interpreting divine and earthly reality.”

– David Garland
(HT: Transforming Sermons and Eternal Perspectives)

Will be back “for real” on Monday. Have a great weekend. Go gather and worship.



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