Justin Taylor|3:26 pm CT

The Leader Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

The President of InterVarsity has a lengthy response (of sorts) to Collin Hansen’s CT piece about InterVarsity and Roman Catholicism, which also deals with broader trends.

To me, the most interesting line of Alec Hill’s response was with regard to Hansen’s journalistic integrity. Writing that he has “grave disappointment” about the piece, labeling it an “opinion piece” rather than actual reporting, Hill cites the following as his only evidence:

No one interviewed our student leaders at George Washington University. No one talked with our two campus staff. The only on-the-ground voices heard were those of the departing students and their pastor. Sadly, as a result, the article lacks balance.

Hill says that he reread the piece “multiple times,” but apparently he missed this line:

(Efforts to contact InterVarsity staff at GWU were unsuccessful.)

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