Justin Taylor|1:30 pm CT

The Relationship Between Evangelism and Social Action

Tony Payne’s six propositions on the biblical relationship between evangelism and social action:

  1. Evangelism and social action are distinct activities
  2. Prayerful proclamation is central to the work of the Lord
  3. Evangelism and social action are inseparable
  4. Social action is unconditional love, not a tactic
  5. Social action is not a magic evangelistic bullet
  6. The Great Commission is to make and to teach

See the post for an explanation of each.

For more elaboration, see this essay by Tim Chester (in which he makes the case for both Christian social involvement and the case for the centrality of gospel proclamation) and this follow-up essay by Chester and Payne on the relationship between the two in Christian ministry and mission.

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