Justin Taylor|3:26 pm CT

Tea Party Organizers Ignoring Abortion?

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, writes in The Washington Post:

Republicans too often treat the abortion issue like an eccentric aunt at Thanksgiving dinner — if they ignore it, maybe it will go away. And lately, Republican heads have been turned by a new, flashy guest at the table — the tea party movement, which has been attracting big crowds, high-profile speakers and money with its message of lower taxes and less government spending.

The New York Times ran a piece on Friday on how “[some of] the Tea Party leaders . . . deliberately avoid discussion of issues like . . . abortion. . . . [They] argue that the country can ill afford the discussion about social issues when it is passing on enormous debts to future generations.”

John Piper comments:

Let me see if I understand this term “ill afford.”

Is this it? Enormous debt will hurt our children and grandchildren. Therefore don’t talk about the lawfulness of whether they can be killed.

Something like that?

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