Justin Taylor|8:34 pm CT

Memorize Now

Here’s a free and nifty online tool to memorize passages from the Bible (or any other text): Memorize Now.

Here’s how it works:

When the “enter text” button is selected, you can enter a item names for an item you want to memorize in the “item name” field, then add the item itself. (You can add as many items as you please, and can even enter entire lists of items (click here for instructions). The item names will appear in the right-side column.

Then click on one of the item names that appears in the right column to memorize that item.

On the Memorize page, you can:

  • Display the memory item in full.
  • Show the first letter of each word. (See if you can recall the item just using those clues.)
  • Add more and more blank spaces to the item and see if you can still recall it.
  • Hide the entire item, try to recite it, then show it again to see how well you did.
  • If you need a hint, roll the cursor over a blank space to show the first letter of the missing word. Click on the first letter to show the full word.
  • In the Letters mode, click on any letter to see the full word.Click the flash card button to go through all your items and see how well you recall them.

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