Justin Taylor|3:05 pm CT

Defending Whose Honor?

Dane Ortlund:

The apostle [Paul] was a boy scout with his language compared to Ezekiel.

The culture in which we live certainly devalues objective truth. I cringe at the thought of truth-whittling Kumbaya-singing hand-holding Rodney King-echoing creed-demoting confession-neglecting lowest-common-denominator fluff. That’s about as attractive to me as Dennis Rodman in high heels and lipstick.

But if our deepening knowledge of God and grace in all its doctrinal contours creates in us, imperceptibly perhaps, impatience or frustration with other believers, it is not knowledge of God and of grace that fuels our frustration and snide tone but concern for being personally right. It is sin.

Paul said that if we have all knowledge and all faith but lack love, we are nothing. What if we made every blog comment mindful of that?

You can read the whole thing here.

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