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Ecclesiology Meets Hip Hop

LampMode has a new album out called The Church: Called & Collected, with a variety of artists.

It’s based on Mark Dever’s What Is a Healthy Church? Each artist takes an aspect of a healthy church—a biblical understanding of preaching, conversion, gospel, etc.—and turned it into a song.

Here’s the track list:

  1. Take ‘em to Church – God’s Servant feat. Azriel
  2. Expository Preaching – Shai Linne
  3. Conversion – Trip Lee
  4. The Good News – Hazakim
  5. Membership – Stephen the Levite
  6. Words from Mark . . .
  7. Biblical Theology – Shai Linne
  8. Evangelism – Hazakim
  9. Leadership – Flame
  10. Words from Thabiti . . .
  11. Church Discipline – Stephen the Levite
  12. Discipleship – Tedashii
  13. Beautiful Church – Evangel

Lampmode has been kind enough to let me stream Flame’s song on church leadership. Here it is:

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And here are the lyrics:

Verse 1
Jesus established the church and how the church should be ran
If we’re going to succeed then we need to follow His plan
So many gather in buildings but that don’t make a church
So many children have fallen now they’re crawling and hurt
We need healthy leadership so we can have healthy churches
Thank God for Elders and Deacons who seek to worship
Lets take the Deacon whose role is to meet physical needs
He is not responsible to teach or even oversee
Deacons manage financial matter while serving the Elders
So they can focus on preaching, teaching, studying, and praying
But they don’t just focus on only just serving the Elders they also help us (Acts 6 to see what I’m saying)
They also maintain unity in the Body for sure
Many men like this will make a Body mature
So as we focus on honoring the covenant
I’m urging you toward congregational church government


See we have Elders we have Deacon and congregational leadership
Jesus is the head of the whole thing
What does that mean?

Verse 2

They say Flame don’t go soft on this, talk about the offices
Establish that they Bible says there is 1-2
We’ve got Deacons we’ve got Elders, we’ve got Elders, we’ve got Deacons, any other school of thought just ain’t true
Now what the Elders do is oversee spiritually over the church
Laboring in prayer and in the word this is the Elders work
Plus they guard us so no false teaching comes seeping in
Plus they guard our souls so nobody go sinks in sin
Their living the gospel out that others may imitate
privately their counsel route is solidly Bible based
Plus they preach the word, teach the word, that the church may grow
Until He comes back sky cracks then the church will go
We’re called to submit to them Hebrews 13:17
God gave them authority although we are a team
We’ve got authority, too: Matthew 18:15
Yes, the tension exists, this we submit to the King

Hook (repeat)

Verse 3

You came out the world, now you get placed in the church
Given authority don’t fall back you’ve got to work
You’re part of the congregation and you’ve got a role to play
This is part of the priesthood of all believers you vote to say
Who the Elders are what people join
Doctrinal truth discipline too I’ll keep going
You deal with disputes you’ve got the final say
On all these issues see this was issued on on the day
That you were converted regenerated for sure
You exercise this authority to keep the Body pure
You are accountability for the Elders in fact
But in humility we keep the Elders intact
And when I say Elders I mean bishops, pastors, overseers
Those terms are synonymous, honestly I know this is kind of shocking but this doctrine they seem to forget
Its the teaching of biblical church leadership

Hook (repeat)

And here’s a little promo video with Mark Dever talking about the project:

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