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Mohler, Biologos, and Slander

As many of you undoubtedly know, Albert Mohler gave a talk at Ligonier earlier this year defending young-earth creationism (video, transcript).

Have you seen this response from Biologos—an organization designed to help the church, and students in particular, reconcile macroevolution with Christianity—posted at the Huffington Post? The VP of Biologos, Karl Giberson, picks up on a single line of Mohler’s address, regarding whether or not Darwin went on his expedition to prove the theory of evolution.

Dr. Giberson’s response is, frankly, embarrassing—especially for a Christian. With hyperbolic immaturity he casts aspersions upon Dr. Mohler’s character.

Today Dr. Mohler posts an open letter to Dr. Giberson. In part, he writes:

Your tone — hardly the tone of a serious scholar or scientist — is even more disappointing. You make quite a shocking list of accusations. You suggest that I do not “seem to care about the truth” and that I seem “quite content to make stuff up when it serves [my] purpose.” Those are not insignificant charges. You say that I “made false statements about [Charles] Darwin.” I would not want to do that, so I have once again looked carefully at the evidence.

You can read the whole thing.

This piece by Dr. Giberson confirms my impressions of Biologos. They may be doing some helpful things here and there, but some of their main themes seem to be an insisting on theistic evolution, casting doubts on Adam and Eve’s historicity, and the undermining of inerrancy.

I don’t mind saying that I hope they fail in each of these endeavors.

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