Justin Taylor|10:00 am CT

Inerrancy and Baggage

Thoughtful post here from Trevin Wax on those who want to avoid the word inerrancy because it carries too much baggage.

The conclusion:

We’re not choosing between using terms that have baggage or not. We’re choosing what kind of baggage we want to carry.

I’d rather run the risk of being associated with those who hold a literalistic interpretation of Scripture than with those who deny central articles of the faith. (And without seeking to demean the motives of people who don’t like “inerrancy,” I wonder how much of our current aversion to the term is a self-conscious attempt to distance ourselves from some of our forefathers in the faith.)

Dumping the term while upholding the content may appear sophisticated and nuanced, but I believe it breeds more confusion than clarity. So, I’ll continue to affirm inerrancy. I”ll continue to teach it, to properly qualify it, and to reclaim it. To my friends who still don’t like the label, your baggage looks heavier to me.

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