Justin Taylor|8:36 am CT

Ask a Calvinist

Rachel Held Evans has been doing a series of interviews where her readers can ask various folks (a Mormon, a Catholic, an Atheist, an Orthodox Jew, etc.) anything they want, and the person answers the most popular questions. If you don’t mind the mixed metaphors, I bit the bullet and jumped into the hot seat and gave it my best shot.

You can go here to read my answers to the questions—which include whether or not you have to be Reformed to to be saved or to be an evangelical, how God can be just if someone has no possibility of salvation, what I find uncomfortable about Calvinist soteriology, why engage in mission if limited atonement and irresistible grace are true, whether I would have done things differently in retrospect with regard to the Love Wins controversy, what I’d say to someone who hasn’t been chosen for salvation, why Calvinism is different from fatalism, and personal advice for someone teetering on the edge of faith.

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