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An Excerpt from “Evangellyfish”

A friend sent me this excerpt from Douglas Wilson’s evangelical satire novel, Evangellyfish. This section describes Charles Peaborne, a peeved former church employee who now manages his own whistleblower website:

The website was jammed full of PDFs of minutes from ancient meetings, PDFs of long-lost memos (mostly from Charles), and PDFs of affidavits (all from Charles and immediate family members). Charles had unique views of what constituted corroboration. He would produce an affidavit saying that he had once told Chad Lester, to his face, that if Camel Creek did not repent of its wasteful practice of buying high-grade paper for the copiers, and instead go with the perfectly acceptable middle-grade variety, there would be consequences. Then there would be two other affidavits, from his mother and younger brother, testifying that Charles had indeed told them that he had said this to Chad. It was the middle of the evening, and Charles had just finished uploading a whole new line of what he called ‘exposure documents.’ He sat back in his chair in his study at home and stared at the screen, highly pleased.

More excerpts and blurbs here.

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