Justin Taylor|12:32 pm CT

An Interview with Steve Wellum

Jeff Purswell recently interviewed Steve Wellum on Covenant Theology, hermeneutics, and biblical theology. You can listen to the audio here.
What follows is a helpful time-stamp outline they’ve provided.
[0:01] Dr. Wellum: husband, father, student, pastor, and professor
[4:18] A discussion on Dr. Wellum’s latest book, Kingdom Through Covenant 
[6:50] Where does Dr. Wellum’s understanding of the covenants fit among Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology?
[12:46] What is the role of the Mosaic Law?
[15:46] What about the Sabbath command?
[19:08] Is the Mosaic Law normative for us?
[22:30] A discussion on hermeneutics
[26:22] Where are people most vulnerable to misinterpretation of Scripture?
[29:38] Wisdom for the young preacher/exegete
[32:16] Wisdom for the busy pastor who recognizes his need to grow in putting the whole of the Bible’s teaching together in his preaching
[35:42] Three prioritizes for a pastor’s ongoing study
[40:05] Every pastor should read these books…
[41:48] How has Dr. Wellum’s pastoral experience influenced his academic work?

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