Justin Taylor|3:17 pm CT

A Personal Interview with R. C. Sproul Jr. about Suffering and God’s Sovereignty

A very moving interview with R.C. Sproul Jr.—a man who lost his wife to cancer and their daughter with special needs, within 10 months of each other:

What was it that prompted you to attend worship the morning your wife, Denise, died? (00:49)

What enabled you to teach a series on suffering after having just experienced so much? (03:11)

Why should we try to “own” the sovereignty of God in the context of suffering? (05:03)

Why are those in the contemporary church struggling so much with suffering and the sovereignty of God? (07:48)

Why do bad things happen to “good” people? (10:05)

When Jesus suffered and died on Calvary, did God suffer? (12:00)

How do you hope this series will benefit the church? (14:37)

How can Christians encourage those who are in the midst of great hardship? (16:12)

How are you doing? (18:46)

You can see his new teaching series on suffering here.


  1. Thank you brother for helping get the word out.

  2. ‘How are you doing?’

    …”we’re sad, like we’re supposed to be. And we’re trusting in the promises of God.”

    God bless this man; I give thanks for his honest faith, and firm grounding in the Scriptures. If ever there is a time when the necessity for rigorous, thought-through, and ferociously articulate doctrine is made most clear, it is when we see godly men and women go through suffering, and cling to what they have been taught, and what they know to be true about God.

    Thank you for posting this video. It’s powerful stuff.

  3. Thank you for this powerful, truthful and poignant account of God’s goodness and Presence in the midst of our suffering- powerful because it is so personal and still “rightly divides” God’s Word.

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