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7 thoughts on “Who Is the Ultimate Good Samaritan?”

  1. John Botkin says:

    I’ll be preaching on this passage in a few weeks as I work through Luke. Thanks for posting!

  2. This is simply beautiful. Thank you!

  3. Curt Day says:

    Certainly, Jesus’s example as being the Good Samaritan levels some of our excuses for not being a Good Samaritan. However, we also need to hear how technological advances in global communications affects how we live as Good Samaritans. In particular, how many more people cross our paths as the result of today’s communications and what are our responsibilities toward these people needs to be preached on.

  4. Joshua Alfaro says:

    Many of the early church writers (Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Ambrose, Augustine, etc. and more recently Karl Barth!) also interpreted the Good Samaritan as pointing to Jesus. It’s a little surprising to see Carson take up this approach; he seems to be saying although it was not Jesus’ original intention, it was Luke’s intention to the parable to point to Jesus. For anyone interested: Riemer Roukema, “The Good Samaritan in Ancient Christianity,” Vigilae Christianae 58.1 (2004):56-74.

  5. anaquaduck says:

    The only thing that bugs me is Christ was from the line of David. For me it comes under who is my neighbour, not who is my God. Jesus is the ultimate everything good. A bit like El….warrior, comforter, wisdom etc. Something we touched on last Sunday in church…a construct, when God speaks to Moses in Ex 5 or 6

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