Below is Max McLean’s hour-long interpretation of the Gospel according to Mark, recited word-for-word from the NIV.

There is also a DVD edition of McLean’s one-man show, “Mark’s Gospel.” In 2009 I interviewed McLean about the production, when it was running as a live show in the Chicago Theater District.

I found this interpretation—absorbed in one sitting rather than piecemeal—to be an enriching, edifying experience.

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6 thoughts on “Max McLean Recites and Interprets the Entire Gospel of Mark”

  1. Thank you Justin for posting this. It is remarkable to hear this done this way. I, too, listened straight through… Blessings!

  2. Caleb Suko says:

    This is an amazing and unique way to go through the Gospel of Mark. Thanks for sharing it Justin. Did he actually memorize the entire gospel?

  3. SuzanneT says:

    This is…..awesome.

  4. Thanks so much for this. Do you know, it brings back memories – we did a similar thing 10 years ago with a group of about sixty kids in England. We split them into groups, and gave them 2 chapters each of Mark to act out with the words of Jesus spoken. Then we gave them an hour or so to practice in separate rooms, got them all together again, and performed it in the round. It wasn’t Royal Shakespeare Company stuff, but it was awesome in the effect it had on the young people. They had an impromptu prayer meeting straight after and the kids prayed for over an hour (unprompted)! Dramatic presentation of the truth can stay with you a lifetime.

  5. Vee B says:

    We watched this at our youth group for the term. It was very eye opening for many of the youth.

  6. Maria Fe Y. Perillo says:

    Thanks you so much for sharing this video. Truly amazing … I will share this with my friends.

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