Justin Taylor|6:24 am CT

What Do You Think of When You Think of the New Calvinism?

Amen and amen to this post from Kevin DeYoung.

I encourage everyone to read it. Yes, “There are a number of legitimate dangers that need to be heeded when it comes to the New Calvinism. . . . We have all the problems that any movement has. . . . In other words, almost every critique has some merit; almost every warning should be considered.”

“But,” Kevin writes, “this is what I think of when I think of the New Calvinism: gratitude. That’s my jump-out-of-the-box disposition.  Not ‘yeah, but.’ Not suspicion. Not a roll of the eyes. Gratitude. I am thankful to God for what he seems to be doing in our day—immensely thankful.”

Again, I encourage you to read the whole thing.

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