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Louis Zamperini (1917-2014)

Jul 03, 2014 | Justin Taylor

The Olympic hero turned POW turned believer in Jesus is now with the Lord. Here are the things to read and watch on this man who was rescued more than once.

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George Marsden Lecture: “Jonathan Edwards for the Twenty-first Century”

May 14, 2014 | Justin Taylor

If George Marsden only had 45 minutes to talk about Jonathan Edwards, what would he say? He answers that in this lecture.

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The Fierce Urgency of Bonhoeffer’s Final Questions: In 5 Acts

May 07, 2014 | Justin Taylor

A lecture from a new and compelling biography of Bonhoeffer.

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George Whitefield: Lessons from Eighteenth Century’s Greatest Evangelist

May 02, 2014 | Justin Taylor


A notice on Thomas Kidd’s much-anticipated biography of George Whitefield, along with a recent lecture by him and some other publications of note.

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Logic on Fire: The Life & Legacy of Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Apr 11, 2014 | Justin Taylor

An introduction to a forthcoming documentary and a chance to win MLJ’s 14-volume commentary set on Romans.

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10 Key Events: Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism in 20th Century America

Apr 08, 2014 | Justin Taylor


Seeking to trace some of the key happenings over this past century as fundamentalists battled modernists, and as fundamentalists and neo-evangelicals went on to go their separate way.

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At What Point in Pilgrim’s Progress Does Christian Get Saved?

Apr 07, 2014 | Justin Taylor

A good answer from a professor who teaches Pilgrim’s Progress.

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Happy Saint Patrick

Mar 17, 2014 | Justin Taylor


A video overview of this great Christian’s life, along with some helpful resources from Professor Michael Haykin.

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Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian?

Feb 18, 2014 | Justin Taylor


Lincoln biographer Allen Guellzo explains that he was something close to a deist.

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George Marsden on the 1950s and the Crisis of Liberal Belief

Feb 10, 2014 | Justin Taylor

marsden Twilight

A new book by one of the preeminent historians of American culture and religion, including links to a new interview of Marsden by Al Mohler and a podcast discussion with John Wilson and Stan Guthrie.

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The 9 T4G Plenary Sessions Announced

Jan 30, 2014 | Justin Taylor

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 1.20.51 PM

A list of the plenary titles and speakers, along with the panels and workshops.

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Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven

Jan 27, 2014 | Justin Taylor


A new book (” a unique portrait of one of the greatest musical geniuses of all time by one of the greatest musical geniuses of our own age”) and a corresponding BBC documentary.

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George Whitefield in Three Sentences

Dec 16, 2013 | Justin Taylor


J. I. Packer’s summary of George Whitefield, who was born 299 years ago today.

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Why You Should Become Familiar with Samuel Rutherford’s Letters

Nov 12, 2013 | Justin Taylor


Charles Spurgeon once wrote: “When we are dead and gone let the world know that Spurgeon held Rutherford’s Letters to be the nearest thing to inspiration which can be found in all the writings of mere men.”

Sinclair Ferguson says, “Surprising though it may seem in a world of large books, of all those owned by our family this may be the one we have most often lent or quoted to friends.”

For a contemporary gift edition, I’d recommend this.

And for an intellectual biography of Rutherford, this is the book to get.

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What Did Charles Spurgeon Sound Like? A Recording of His Son

Oct 10, 2013 | Justin Taylor

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 9.12.07 PM

A 1905 recording of Thomas Spurgeon, son of Charles Spurgeon, reading the last paragraph of his father’s final printed sermon.

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