Kevin DeYoung|5:23 am CT

Monday Morning Humor

A couple weeks ago I posted this clip as an example of how not to preach stories like David and Goliath.

This got me thinking about some other illustrations of how not to preach from retro movies.

Preaching is not a learned discussion delivered without passion or personality.

Preaching is not an exercise in the power of positive thinking (no matter how inspirational the music!) where we are all told how great we are.

Preaching is not a Jedi mind trick where we get people to believe things they don’t understand.

Preaching is not poetic cliches wrapped in religious formalism (no matter how interesting the accent!).

I’m sure there are many other examples to choose from. But you get the idea. Preaching is not moralism, spiritualizing, mere commentary, or even inspiration. Christian preaching is proclamation, rooted in Scripture, that heralds the gospel of Jesus Christ with personal, passionate, pleading. At least that’s the best I can do in one sentence.


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