Kevin DeYoung|6:25 am CT

Crazy Busy

I just sent the manuscript for Crazy Busy to Crossway a couple weeks ago. The book will be released this fall.

Here’s a look at the cover design. Very sharp.














And here’s an alternate cover design that is quite appetizing.


  1. Looking forward to your time with us in Columbia, SC. I love the title, for I am crazy busy and I expect you will have some wise counsel to be less crazy or less busy or both

    Grace and peace.


  2. Ha!

  3. I’m really looking forward to reading this one…

  4. I’m too busy to read this book.

  5. That alternate cover design is a win. For. Sure.

  6. Definitely the alternate cover. Hehe.

  7. The title should have been “Wicked Busy”!!!!! Didn’t you learn anything from your north Boston days??????

  8. I totally thought you should have subtitled this: A Book You’re Too Busy to Read, But Desperately Need. Great title though and looking forward to (not) reading this book (because I am too busy).

  9. Does the alternative cover come with the breadsticks?

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