Kevin DeYoung|6:17 am CT

Monday Morning Humor

I didn’t see all of the Super Bowl commercials last night (thankfully), and with the exception of the Paul Harvey spot, the ads seemed pretty dull (or worse).

But here are a few funny ones from years gone by:


  1. I must admit, I have never seen that Reebok commercial.

  2. The one narrated by Paul Harvey about farmers made me cry!!

  3. The Reebok one was funny, but isn’t he tackling some girls pretty hard? Not sure how I feel about that…

  4. The Reebok commercial is excellant. Funny how productivity is the value highlighted, while the linebacker take employees ‘out’ of production.

  5. So I just wanted to say thanks for your tweet about the half time show. The show was not turned off at the party I was at. There were guys there. I left the room to make a phone call that suddenly became urgent. When guys watch that stuff and appear to enjoy it I begin to feel like a piece of trash. I stop feeling like the feminine woman I was created to be and instead a thing rather then a somebody.

    And I wonder where the men are…

  6. I liked the VW commercial last year so much better than this year. I hadn’t seen the Bridgestone commercial. That was great!

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