Kevin DeYoung|10:32 pm CT

Sick With the Stick

Patrick Kane scored the tying goal with two minutes to play in regulation and then got the game winner in the overtime shootout. The Blackhawks point streak is now at 22 games to open the season.

And this was last year against the Red Wings.

And one more for good measure.


  1. Aaron Wojnicki

    Hi Kevin!

    I always enjoy your posts, especially this one! Are you a Blackhawks fan? I grew up outside of Chicago, and naturally love the Hawks. Dennis Savard was my hero as a kid…in a good way, not the idolatrous way :)

    Anywho, didn’t know if you were a Blackhawks fan as well.

    God bless Kevin!

  2. I have now discovered our real point of contention: you are a Blackhawks fan! And you like Patrick Kane! Here I thought our differences were reconcilable…Go Wings!

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