Kevin DeYoung|6:12 am CT

Monday Morning Humor

Cool video, but who doesn’t like the white stuff in Oreos? I’d go for Triple Stuff if they made them.

HT Vitamin Z


  1. So this is what Paul Tripp does in his spare time! No two people in the world could have a ‘tache like this!

  2. Creme. Gag. David is a hero. :P

  3. Where does all the white stuff go? The creme is the best part of the cookies.

  4. Amen brother, triple stuff FTW. But by way of warning, you still need the cookie. I made myself quite ill in Jr. High by eating a bowl of pure Oreo cream.

  5. Two words: wasted education

  6. The guy has a girlfriend O.O

  7. Needs a machine to open the packets and load the cookie splitter!

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