Kevin DeYoung|5:51 am CT

Guest Blogger Next Week

I’m heading down the home stretch of this four-week vacation/study leave. Lord willing, I will be wrapping up a few projects next week and then making the long trip home with my family. It’s been a good time in Colorado, but it will be nice to be back home and back with our church family.

I’m very excited about my guest blogger for next week. Jackie Knapp is a good friend and a really fun person. For the past three years she’s been the Associate Campus Ministry Director at our church. Before that she was a Resident Director at the Master’s College.

Jackie has just left URC and will be heading to Uganda for the short term before moving back to California. We will definitely miss her.

But before we let her go, I asked her to take the reins of my blog for a week. You can look forward to thoughtful posts on college ministry and a couple entries on ministering to “dramatic girls.” Be sure to check out her new blog too.

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