Kevin DeYoung|5:36 am CT

Monday Morning Humor

Funny. And educational too.

And about that last line concerning the Chicago River, remember it’s a joke.


  1. I’m not sure I should thank you for this, Pastor Kevin. I just spent the last half hour watching more videos from Lutheran Satire and contemplating leaving the OPC.

  2. Speaking to, at, and towards, generally the nose hyperextended.

  3. Hmm. From the beginning I was kind of unsure about this one. It wasn’t one of my personal favorites.

    Congrats on the Spartans’ win this weekend!

  4. Absolutely hilarious. Big fan of Lutheran Satire. Well done, Kevin.

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  6. The best (and funniest) explanation of the Trinity (and refutation of various Trinitarian heresies) that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing and seeing! I’ve tried to tell people that theology can be fun, and this is its best expression.

    C’mon Patrick!!!

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