Kevin DeYoung|5:48 am CT

Trusting the Bible Even When It’s Hard

Honest and wise words from B. B. Warfield about how to approach the Scriptures when we encounter difficulties in the text:

The question is not, whether the doctrine of plenary inspiration has difficulties to face.

The question is, whether these difficulties are greater than the difficulty of believing that the whole church of God from the beginning has been deceived in her estimate of the Scriptures committed to her charge—are greater than the difficulty of believing that the whole college of the apostles, yes and Christ himself at their head, were themselves deceived as to the nature of those Scriptures which they gave the church as its precious possession, and have deceived with them twenty Christian centuries, and are likely to deceived twenty more before our boasted advancing light has corrected their error,—foundation for our faith and no certain warrant for our trust in Christ for salvation.

We believe this doctrine of the plenary inspiration of the Scriptures primarily because it is the doctrine which Christ and his apostles believed, and which they have taught us. It may sometimes seem difficult to take our stand frankly by the side of Christ and his apostles. It will always be found safe. (The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible, 128)

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