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Monday Morning Humor

A man after my own stomach.

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Bio, Books, and Such: Carl Trueman

Today’s interview is with Carl Trueman, a church history professor at Westminster and the pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church.

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Was Jesus a Party Animal?

Craig Blomberg provides a succinct, biblical, and balanced answer:

To end the question with which this chapter began, was Jesus a party animal?

Not in the sense we usually mean by the expression: someone who simply loves to eat, drink and enjoy other forms of entertainment with friends just for the immense pleasure of it. There were always kingdom purposes involved in Jesus’ presence at banquets and other special meals.

Yet it remains striking how willing he was to socialize, even in the intimacy of table fellowship, with anyone and everyone for the sake of accomplishing his mission. (Contagious Holiness: Jesus’ Meals with Sinners , 129)

Likewise, Craig McMahan lists five common characteristics which are evident in Jesus’ meals with outcasts.

1) Jesus or his representatives eat with those who in some sense are considered second-class citizens in Israel.

2) These outcasts regularly respond to Jesus’ message with joy.

3) Pharisees and scribes, by way of contrast, equally commonly grumble and complain about Jesus’ behaviour.

4) The episodes are consistently introduced by calls to discipleship.

5) Finally, the scenes regularly conclude with a statement of Jesus’ mission and redemptive purpose in order to refute the objections raised against his behaviour. (Quoted by Blomberg in Contagious Holiness, 130)

Conservatives need to be challenged by Jesus’ willingness to socialize with “sinners.” Indeed, they were powerfully drawn to him. Liberals, on the other hand, need to be cautioned against depicting Jesus as an easy going, always-affirming dude’s dude who loved to blast religion and hang out at frat parties. Jesus was …

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Full of Grace and Truth

If you are a grace person you are most concerned about being loved. If you are a truth person you are most concerned about being right even it means being unloved. Both have their dangers. Something is wrong if everyone hates you, and something is probably just as wrong if if everyone loves you.

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Monday Morning Humor

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Why the Ascension Matters

The good news of Ascension Day is that Jesus Christ is exercising the dominion that man was made to have from the very beginning. The ruin of the first Adam will be undone by the reign of the second.

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Bio, Books, and Such: Thabiti Anyabwile

Today’s interview is with Thabiti Anyabwile, the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church (Grand Cayman) and soon to be a church planter in the Washington, D.C. area.

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University Reformed Church Votes to Leave the RCA

For the past three years, our church has wrestled with our place in the Reformed Church in America. We did not come to this decision lightly.

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Remembering Memorial Day

So thank God for a day to remember God’s common grace to America and his special grace in enlisting us, poor weak soldiers that we are, in service to Christ our Captain and conquering King.

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Summer Plans: Read, Write, Relax, Repeat

The Board of Elders has granted me three summer sabbaticals, the first of which starts today.

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