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Reaching the Next Generation: Amaze Them With God

I beg of you, don’t go after the next generation with mere moralism, either on the right (don’t have sex, go to church, share your faith, stay off drugs) or on the left (recycle, dig a well, feed the homeless, buy a wristband). The gospel is not a message about what we need to do […]

Reaching the Next Generation: Challenge Them With Truth

In the church growth heyday, scholars and pastors were wrestling with how to reach out without dumbing down.  Today I would argue that we reach out precisely by not dumbing down.  The door is open like never before to challenge people with good Bible teaching.  People want to learn doctrine.  They really do, even non-Christians.  […]

Reaching the Next Generation: Hold Them With Holiness

Let me make this clear one more time.  I’m not arguing that thinking about music styles or paying attention to the “feel” of our church or trying to exegete the culture is sinful stuff.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t be asking questions related to cultural engagement.  What I’m saying is that being experts in the […]

Reaching the Next Generation: Win Them With Love

The evangelical church has spent far too much time trying to figure out cultural engagement, and far too little time just trying to love.  If we listen to people patiently and give people the gift of our curiosity we will be plenty engaged.  I’m not arguing for purposeful obscurantism.  What I’m arguing for is getting […]

Reaching the Next Generation is Harder and Easier Than You Think: Grab Them With Passion

Getting a book published is a funny thing.  People you’ve never met suddenly think you’re amazing.  Other people you’ve never met (but may leave a review on Amazon) think you’re the scum of the earth (and not the good Pauline kind).  And lots of people expect you to be an expert in things you don’t […]