Ray Ortlund|2:05 PM CT

Moishe Rosen, 1932-2010

Moishe Rosen, founder of Jews for Jesus, has been released from this life and is with the Lord he served so courageously.

I remember him when he was still Martin Rosen. He and his wife Ceil came to our home for Sunday dinner one time in the early 1960s. My dad and he were dear friends and allies for the spread of the gospel.

In the late 1960s, during those wonderful times of radicalization, Martin became Moishe and took the gospel to the streets in bold new ways through Jews for Jesus. One time, when JforJ was coming to our church, my dad got a call that the church would be picketed. Dad loved that. He told the caller, “We’ll serve the picketers coffee and donuts. We’ll set out folding chairs. Wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable.” They didn’t show, unfortunately. Moishe did. He preached the gospel with humor and gentle passion. He literally expected us believers in Jesus to be witnesses to our unbelieving friends. Imagine that.

Moishe refused to back down about Jesus being the only way to God for all people, including Jewish people. He took that stand out of love for Jesus and love for Jewish people. He was hated for it by some, both Jew and Gentile. Well, good for him. As Jesus himself reasoned, what if prophet-haters liked you (Matthew 5:10-12)?

In fact, Moishe mentioned to me once that he had a scar on his arm where some lady attacked him with scissors “to do God a favor,” as he wryly put it. Typical Moishe. Dry, self-deprecating, blunt, right-on.

I loved this man. Now he and my dad are pals again. With Jesus. Wish I were there.

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