Ray Ortlund|9:53 AM CT

No longer a slave

You are no longer a slave, but a son.  Galatians 4:7

“Sonship is conspicuously and radiantly free.  The sons of God ought to fascinate and win the world by the range and grandeur of their freedom.  Where others are bound, they must reveal themselves to be free.  Is our freedom obtrusively prominent?  Are we revelling in ‘the glorious freedom of the children of God’?

The real son is free from the bondage of sin.  His life is delivered from the haunting wail of sunless and hopeless dejection.

The real son is free from the tyranny of self.  He is not imprisoned by a small, exclusive, all-absorbing, egoistic, enslaving self.  He has ‘a heart at leisure from itself to soothe and sympathize.’

The real son is free from the enslavement of the crowd.  He is not daunted by the presence of the great and threatening multitude.  God’s sons are free and bold and stand alone!

‘They are slaves who dare not be
In the right with two or three.’”

J. H. Jowett, The Transfigured Church (London, 1910), page 82.

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