Ray Ortlund|9:26 AM CT

Acts 29 annual retreat

This week Jani and I have the privilege of participating in the Acts 29 annual pastors’ and wives’ retreat in Newport Beach, California.  More light blogging.  God be with you.

By the way, why are we in Acts 29?  Because the network helps Immanuel Church plant healthy, gospel-centered, compelling churches.  The most promising path to revival in Nashville and the South is not big-deal events with all their hoopla.  Big events come and go.  But new churches come and don’t go.  They keep coming, more and more of them.  They can’t be ignored.  They make Jesus non-ignorable.  The real Jesus.  That is what I’m living for.  And that is why we’re in Acts 29.

We hope you’ll join us.  Is there any other cause so worthy of our all?

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  1. Welcome to California!

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