Ray Ortlund|12:52 PM CT

Space for all, within biblical parameters

While away last week on vacation with dear friends in Augusta, Georgia, the Lord graciously gave me this magnificent eight-point.  In addition to the low-fat venison for the best chili you can imagine, for which I thank Jani, the mount is going up on my wall.

Let me say to my friends who enjoy hunting, thanks for rejoicing with me.

Let me say to my friends who don’t appreciate hunting, we can agree that it is one of many arguable areas of life, where biblical people can reach different conclusions and still share in one another’s joys as if they were our own, because we love one another, for the Lord’s sake.  And that deep sympathy of spirit is not arguable but clearly biblical.

One of the many things I love about the gospel is how it creates a for-you relational tone that didn’t exist before.  I am so for my friends who don’t appreciate hunting.  I cheer them on as they occupy their space before the Lord, seeking him and pursuing life as they judge best.  And how wonderful that they graciously cheer me on as I do the same.

Space for all, within biblical parameters, is the new relational environment only the gospel can create, to the praise of Jesus Christ, who is rejoicing over us all.

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