Ray Ortlund|12:17 PM CT

Better than New Year’s resolutions

“I am the Almighty God, able to fulfill your highest hopes and accomplish for you the brightest ideal that ever my words set before you.  There is no need of paring down the promise until it squares with human probabilities, no need of relinquishing one hope it has begotten, no need of adopting some interpretation of it which may make it seem easier to fulfill, and no need of striving to fulfill it in any second-rate way.  All possibility lies in this: I am the Almighty God.”

Marcus Dods, The Book of Genesis (New York, 1902), page 161.


  1. Praying that your Ministry will continue to be guided by the indwelling Holy Spirit,and you and yours will have Joy, Hope and Peace in the coming New Year.Find much to dwell and think on from your articles, thank you.
    Yours in Jesus Tricia

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