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Announcing TGC's Live Worship Album featuring Keith and Kristyn Getty

This past spring, some 5,000 people from 49 states and 41 countries streamed to Orlando for our 2013 National Conference. Through plenary talks and workshops, focus gatherings and auxiliary events, we enjoyed five days of contemplating and celebrating God's stunning grace toward us in Jesus.

The corporate response in music, led by world-renowned artists Keith and Kristyn Getty, was recorded live and is now available as a 17-song album. From upbeat sounds of praise and adoration, to moments of contemplation and anthems of dedication, Keith & Kristyn Getty: Modern and Traditional Hymns (Live at The Gospel Coalition) is not only a reflection of the conference but a tool for believers and churches everywhere. The album includes such modern hymns as "In Christ Alone" and "Christ Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed" as well as the extraordinary sound of the entire conference singing the beloved traditional hymn, "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!"

"The 2013 National Conference blended the spoken Word and the sung Word in an unforgettable way," TGC co-founder Tim Keller reflected. "Substantive expositions of the biblical text were interwoven with the Gettys' theologically rich worship hymns. Together they truly did 'tune our hearts to sing his grace.'"

Thanks to our friends at Getty Music, this historic worship album is now available for purchase. As you listen, may you be freshly amazed by the love—relentless, covenantal, bloody love—of our great Savior and King.

Matt Smethurst serves as associate editor for The Gospel Coalition and lives in Louisville, Kentucky. You can follow him on Twitter.

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