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TGC Hires Seth Magnuson and Expands Translation Efforts

The Gospel Coalition is pleased to announce the addition of Seth Magnuson to our team. Seth will serve as the director for translated content strategies for our new expanded translation initiative, which significantly increases our bandwidth in resourcing the global church. Seth is an incredible answer to prayer for TGC.

MagnusonSethSeth spent the previous six years at Desiring God developing their content strategy and managing their translation teams. He also coordinated international events, managed global partnerships, and oversaw logistics for resource distribution. In the spirit of gospel partnership, TGC intends to serve Desiring God by continuing to provide professional translations of John Piper resources for various multimedia platforms. The need around the world is staggering for this sort of work. The global church faces a profound theological famine. Seth will be a great aid to help us resource the global church who so desperately desire to hear from God.

Seth will expand the translation teams to include more translators, working in more languages, and translating a broader collection of voices. We will be building an international, multi-language database of the world's best resources—working hard to not just translate U.S. voices, but to also provide a platform for the great teachers around the world already serving a particular language or people group. We will also be able to expand the editorial teams for our French and Spanish websites and increase the number of live translations at our conferences.

The addition of Seth will also increase our ability to produce more translated physical books for distribution to places around the globe that do not yet have reliable access to the internet. Last year, TGC International Outreach, under the leadership of director Bill Walsh and thanks to your generosity, completed a remarkable number of projects allowing us to distribute more than 63,000 physical resources in 11 languages to 40 countries (read the stories)—with thousands more still available for free through our Packing Hope program.

These are exciting times, and we are grateful to God for his grace and provision. We are excited that God would provide us with Seth, and we wanted you to join us in welcoming him to the team.

Ben Peays is the executive director of The Gospel Coalition and a PhD candidate at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

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