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Why I Changed My Mind About Infant Baptism

Covenant children separated from the world and exposed to the things of God. And what is it that separates them from the world? It is their baptism.

Why I Changed My Mind About Baptism

God's pattern in the New Testament was to deal with households and to grant those households the sign of baptism.

Why I Changed My Mind About Baptism

A question about grandchildren was the crucial domino in my journey away from paedobaptism.

Should We Baptize Infants?

Both Presbyterians and Baptists often need to explain their misunderstood views.

You Asked: Should I Get 'Re-Baptized'? (Credobaptist Answer)

If you were baptized before you were a converted believer, then, yes, you need to be baptized, since you have not, yet, been baptized.

You Asked: Should I Get 'Re-Baptized'? (Paedobaptist Answer)

Believers should not consider being baptized again because of a later, more tangible conversion experience.

You Asked: Does the Bible Separate Salvation from Baptism?

In baptism, we are reminded of God's pledge to bring us through the waters of judgment and raise us up with Christ.

Kingdom through Covenant: A Review by Michael Horton

The word proclaimed and sealed in the sacraments is valid, regardless of our response, but we don't enjoy the blessings apart from receiving Christ with all of his benefits.

Should Baptism Be Spontaneous?

Obedience to the Great Commission gets complicated by misunderstandings about baptism.

Membership Requires Affirmation of Infant Baptism: A Paedobaptist Response

The renaissance of evangelical Calvinism today is a marvelous gift of God. Yet as many across widely varying denominations embrace the doctrines of grace, the tendency is often to downplay their distinctives as relatively unimportant.