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Scrooge and the Death that Gives Life

In Dickens's story, Scrooge reforms his life with respect to his fellow man. But the reality of the resurrection is far more powerful.

The Violence of Christmas

As Mary labored in a place far from home, heaven and hell thundered and took up arms.

The Shocking Implications of Incarnation

If we do not understand the weight of the miracle of the incarnation of Christ, it is because we do not understand the weight of the holiness of God.

Christmas According to Luke

A free teaching excerpt on Jesus' birth from scholars David Morland and Don Carson.

The Orgastic Future, the Problem of Death, and the Weight of Glory

The Advent season calls us to savor the sweet promises of the gospel by looking to Christ through our longing for something more.

What Joseph Can Teach Us About Biblical Manhood

Joseph is a "hero" in Scripture who points us to the "Hero" of Scripture. May God give us the grace to follow in his steps.

You Can Be Hospitable Even with Little

Our new home felt like it was too small to truly be welcoming. But I'm being taught that hospitality is not about our space but our heart.

Finding Rest in the Merry-Thon

Here are five ways to cultivate spiritual rest during a crazy holiday season.

What Kind of Sweet Little Christmas Picture Is This?

We keep inwardly yelling, 'Look at me!' while there he lies, first in this manger, then in a cold stone tomb.

Born to Raise the Sons of Earth

And as the wonder of this line begins to sink in, it makes us want to sing, too.