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How to Become a Church-Planting Church

You can't become a church-planting church overnight, so don't be in a hurry.

Confessions of a Church Planting Pastor

As I think ahead to pastoring an evangelical church in the capital of Islamic culture, I must admit my flesh is pulled in many different directions.

Church Planting as Spiritual Warfare

Plundering Satan's kingdom is the mission of the church and of the church planter.

The Greatest Challenge Facing Churches in the South

If you don't know how to preach to the older brother, you won't be effective below the Mason-Dixon.

Church Planting in the Desert: Relatively Safe and Immediately Strategic

There are only seven evangelical church buildings on the entire Arabian Peninsula, and land hasn't been given for this purpose in 15 years. Suddenly, that has changed.

25 Things I've Learned from Church Planting

Though we had eight years of ministry experience under our belts at an established church, we didn't yet know all that we didn't know.

Solidly Reformed, Strikingly Small

Being warm, inviting, attractive, and interesting isn't a sin and doesn't contradict Reformed confessions.

Five Church-Planting Dangers

What will be attractive to a lost world is the gospel we proclaim and the distinctive community life it creates.

Why We Need More Churches in Small Towns

Churches in small-town America already own enough properties; we just need to be more strategic in how we're using them.

You Can't Minister to Statistical Averages

Generalizing about a group of people tells me nothing about the specifics of my neighbor.