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The Church Needs Philosophers and Philosophers Need the Church

It is a good time to remind the church of the usefulness, indeed the necessity, of philosophy in service to Christ.

How Churches Can Care for Their Pastor's Children

Too many children of pastors are casualties in the spiritual battle.

Scargoyle Attacks the Family

hat had begun as a successful campaign against family harmony ended with forgiveness and grace—a total failure.

How to Create a Culture of Evangelism

There is nothing so discouraging as feeling that a church is more interested in manning the nursery than sharing the faith.

Dear Donald Miller

Spiritual life comes by hearing, seeing, and submitting, typically in that order.

How to Do Church—and Why

Does your theology inform your practice when it comes to the church?

When a Church Loves a Woman

Growing up in a different kind of church, I never thought of worshiping or serving as a privilege.

Wendell Berry and the Beauty of Membership

Too often we try on new churches like we try on new clothes and for much the same reason.

Why I Pray Publicly for Other Churches

We're not in this to make a name for ourselves; we're in it to make a name for our King.

Piper on Regrets and Retirement

Watch, stream, or download the full 30-minute interview to hear his surprising responses.