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Holding Fast to Truth in a Doubting Age

Like the innocent man Pilate sentenced to death, truth has a way of coming back to life.

Taking Tech for Granted

If we allow our technologies to use us rather than the other way around, it's no wonder we begin to view them as a difficult taskmaster.

Cultural Engagement that Avoids Triumphalism and Accommodation

Some would say that cultural engagement is not a proper goal for Christians. That would be a mistake.

Carter vs. Starke on Jesus in the Movies

These cultural moments are occasions for debate on how we should think about artistic expressions of biblical narratives and, most controversially, Jesus Christ.

Can Christian Theology Save the Family?

Does the problem lie in the institution of the family itself? Would the world be better off if we abandoned the family altogether?

The Subtle Danger of Mission Drift

As Christian leaders, we must daily commit ourselves to protecting and celebrating what matters most in the institutions God has entrusted to us.

Global Theology in English: Promising or Problematic?

We must proceed with sensitivity as we explore the precedents, problems, and possibilities of English as a common theological language.

Reasonable Hope for Our Secular Age

God doesn't owe us success. But we owe God our best effort at achieving success, and hope will not put us to shame.

FlappyBird's Windfall and Downfall

Whether one plays games casually or more seriously the addictive nature of a game should be seen as a drawback, not a selling point.

Holy-Love Wins: David Wells on the Story of the Bible and the Meaning of Life

At the cross, God's love provided what his holiness required.