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How Eternity Changes Everything in Our Restlessness

Because Paul didn't settle for the present, because his eggs weren't in that basket, the present could not control him or determine his inner attitude or well-being.

We Don't Have to Read the Book or See the Movie to Know Heaven Is Real

I already feel disappointed that so many, in a search for understanding the life beyond this one, will seek to find it in this film.

Remember the Future

We need not live under the fear of an unwritten future, for our hope is anchored in Christ.

Why I Changed My Mind About the Millennium

If you are a premillennialist, whether dispensational or not, there are several things with which you must reckon.

Do Good in This World By Loving the Next

Godly dissatisfaction with this world is a necessary first step in getting motivated to change it.

The Sure Source of Christian Contentment

Church history has proved this over and over again: the greatest Christians have been those most in love with the future new creation.

Why the Last Things Matter for All of Life

The creative tension of the Christian life is trusting fully in God's timing even as we ache and yearn for the fulfillment of his promises.

He Ain't Pre-Trib, but He's Your Brother

Russell Moore has posted a recent lecture given by him @SBTS: "Why I'm Not Pre-Trib (But I Love Those Who Are)."

"An Evening of Eschatology"

On September 27, 2009 John Piper, Sam Storms, Jim Hamilton, and Doug Wilson spent a couple hours sitting at a table, in front of a crowd of 800 people, talking end times. Here's a portion of the background paper Piper wrote explaining the event: As moderator, I tried to see that each view was fairly […]