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A Bubba With a Passion for the Gospel and Golf

For Bubba Watson, winning golf's biggest tournament isn't the most important thing in life.

I Want My Kids Brainwashed

"I don't want to send our son to church to be brain-washed like those Stoddard kids!" our atheist friend said to his wife. He grew up in East Germany, and we had been church-planting in the former East for a few years by then. At first, I was offended that he would view the kids' […]

We Proclaim Him: Signs of Grace in the Twin Cities

When the gospel of Jesus Christ renews churches, a spirit of cooperation and celebration replaces their tendency toward parochialism and territorialism.

Are Your Efforts to Contextualize the Gospel All about You?

If you have an overly defined segment of the population that you are trying to reach, it is possible you are merely trying to reach people whose company you prefer.

Pascal's Method for Presenting the Christian Faith

Only if their imagination is captured will most give a fair hearing to the strong arguments for the truth of Christianity.

Is Your Church a Recovery Culture?

Recovery-culture churches are not always family-friendly, but they are always gospel-friendly.

When to Go Public with Faith at Work

Trusting the Spirit enables us to be patient, do our work well, serve our boss, and know when and how to acknowledge the Lord.

How to Create a Culture of Evangelism

There is nothing so discouraging as feeling that a church is more interested in manning the nursery than sharing the faith.

How Churches Can Evangelize Their Neighborhoods

The church down the street may be the biggest reminder of Christianity many unbelievers see on a regular basis.

Where Would Jesus Live?

While we as Christians argue over which places need Jesus most, material poverty endures in all our communities and countless souls remain hungry for the Good News.