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How Eternity Changes Everything in Our Restlessness

Because Paul didn't settle for the present, because his eggs weren't in that basket, the present could not control him or determine his inner attitude or well-being.

The Magi and the Eternal Effect of Our Work

If we are faithful in our call, who knows how God will use what we do today to further his kingdom tomorrow.

New from TGC: Every Square Inch

Every Square Inch aims to help local churches leaders and ordinary Christians alike to see every aspect of their lives, especially their work, under the lordship of Christ.

5 Questions with an Emmy-Winning Illustrator

An award-winning artist talks about how illustrations were a part of her journey from atheism to Christianity and about how her faith intersects with her work.

Lewis on Disordered Desire to Enter the Inner Ring

What circle do you desire to enter? Have the rings you are in compromised your spiritual effectiveness?

5 Ways Pastors Can Affirm Faith, Calling, and Vocation

Churches should regularly communicate implicitly that they value the connection between faith and work.

Crossway and The Gospel Coalition Expand Partnership

TGC and Crossway will work closely together to develop a series of books written specifically by women addressing cultural issues, as well as other unique resources focused on faith and work.

Faith and Work: What Needs to Be Read and What Needs to be Written

The faith and work movement has been around for decades now and there is a huge supply of books to choose from, but there are needs yet to be addressed.

Pray, Work, Wait: Dave Blanchard on Gospel-Minded Entrepreneurs

The gospel itself is a message, but its implications for business are rich with virtue.

Gospel Entrepreneurship

One of the hallmarks of a gospel-centered church is the way it influences people to live and work out their faith in the world.