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How Complementarian Teaching Shaped My Life

It is easy to understand how even young believers or confused believers, living in a sensual culture, can fail to understand God's standards for purity, gender, and marriage.

Gospel-Centered Manhood: The Cultivator

The cultivator works the soils of his life that he might bless others with the fruit of his labor.

The Complementarian Woman: Permitted or Pursued?

End the culture of permission and you will dispel the stigma of submission.

Women Are Worthy

Thank the Lord that I work for a church that demolished many misconceptions.

The Word and Women

Until we get to see Jesus face to face, we get to live on his Word.

Don't Be Sidelined by the Gender Debate

It's tempting to focus on one aspect of church involvement closed to women rather than rejoice over the hundreds of ways we can and should be serving.

Complementarianism for Dummies

Authority is not the right to rule---it's the responsibility to serve.

Debatable: Is Complementarianism Another Word for Patriarchy?

Is Christian "patriarchy" a timeless biblical norm or an outdated cultural standard?