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My Top 10 Theology Stories of 2013

The only thing I know about your reaction to this list of top 10 theology stories is that you won't agree.

Flight or Fright? How to Redeem Halloween

Timothy George discusses how Christians should handle this strange holiday that brings neighbors together over ghoulish scenes of death and unhealthy piles of chocolate.

To Ruin Sports, Idolize Them

How would you share the gospel with athletes who have been worshiped by the same media and fans who now gloat over their disgrace?

Out of the Rubble, Hope for Revival

No matter what comes sweeping down the plains, nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ.

What Could Be More Practical and Loving than Studying the Bible?

We hope you'll see how Jesus loved the unknown, outcast, and hopeless—like you.

Fight for Both Marriage and Religious Freedom

Greg Forster helps us see the need for more sophisticated, faithful, long-term thinking about cultural change in light of the gospel.

Singleness Is Not a Curse

We need to learn from the example and counsel of Christians who have fought in the grace of God and power of the gospel to pursue holiness and shun the temptation of homosexuality.

Better Body Building

Mark Mellinger and Collin Hansen talk with Jen Wilkin about the explosive issues surrounding body image and wellness.

Will America Fall Off the Fiscal Cliff?

Whether you're confused or enraged over the stalemate in Washington, you'll learn from this expert analysis.

The Myths of Thanksgiving

You probably know less than you think about the true origins of Thanksgiving.