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Ideological Moralism and Gospel Grace

Only the gospel of grace can lead us to the true benevolence that moralism fumblingly strives toward.

Why Online Pornography is Being Blocked in the UK—and Why It Should Be in the U.S. Too

To protect children the UK plans to block online smut. Why can't the U.S. do the same?

9 Things You Should Know About Independence Day and the Declaration of Independence

What you should know about America's founding document on our 237th Independence Day.

Russell Moore on the Supreme Court's DOMA Decision

The implications of this decision, he argues, will in the fullness of time, apply to all 50 states.

9 Things You Should Know About the Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Cases

What you should know about the Supreme Court's historic ruling on two same-sex marriage cases.

Church Planting in the Desert: Relatively Safe and Immediately Strategic

There are only seven evangelical church buildings on the entire Arabian Peninsula, and land hasn't been given for this purpose in 15 years. Suddenly, that has changed.

Will the Pentagon Prohibit the Great Commission?

The Pentagon says that Christian evangelism is against military regulations.

Love and the Inhumanity of Same-Sex Marriage

To condemn sexual freedom in America today is to condemn one of the nation's favorite altars of worship.

When Did Idolatry Become Compatible with Christianity?

For Christians, this is an era of historical significance—and not just because of the marriage issue

We Need New Methods in the Fight for Marriage

The Apple of real marriage cannot displace the IBM of disordered sexuality by following IBM's business plan. We need to be nimble and innovative.