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Returning Home to Ex-Cannibals

Fifty years after his first arrival among the Sawi people, 'Peace Child' author Don Richardson returns to reunite with the tribe. Does a gospel church still remain?

In Defense of Katniss Everdeen

'The Hunger Games' trilogy reminds us that in some corners of the world, hope is improbable, unimaginable, but somehow, inevitable.

Those Who Sleep in the Dust Will Awake

God chose the most lowly and humble matter possible, dust from the ground, and infused it with the most significant and glorious of all substances, his own breath.

Every Graveyard a Garden

We sleep to wake and die to rise.

You Can Lead with Influence

We follow influential leaders, not because we have to, but because we want to.

Heart at Risk, Heart at Rest

Living with the possibility of cardiac arrest at any moment, Julie Manning and her family find hope, peace, and courage in God.

We Can't All Be Panmillennial

Failing to grasp what Scripture says on this and other related topics has led many in church history into either fanaticism or fatalism.

The God Who Finds Us

When we struggle to believe, it's not that we've misplaced hope; it's that we've misplaced God, who is our hope.

Why the Resurrection Changes Everything

Have we, as gospel-centered, gospel-saturated believers, left the resurrection out of our gospel message?

Remember the Future

We need not live under the fear of an unwritten future, for our hope is anchored in Christ.