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Is Glory God's Only Goal?

So why does God save? For many reasons, but in and through all of them, God displays who he is and thus glorifies himself.

When Mother's Day Is Hard

Mother's Day is your time of need, and God does not turn away from you during your time of need; he wants you to find grace to help.

The Counterintuitive Calvin

To furnish our hearts with more assurance of God's love is the ultimate purpose of the Institutes.

God: Abounding in Love, Punishing the Guilty

Prompted by recent events that have cast doubt on evangelical teaching about the love of God, Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, and judgment for sin, Don Carson delivered a special address, "God: Abounding in Love: Punishing the Guilty," at The Gospel Coalition's 2011 national conference in Chicago. You can now download audio from this talk. […]

Update from Japan: How You Can Pray

With the rest of the world I have been watching footage of the devastation in Japan with my hands over my mouth. Videos and pictures have shown us the awful destruction and only make us wonder at how many lives are lost or now impoverished in ways beyond our ability to comprehend. Maybe you felt […]

Piper and the "New Calvinism"

Justin Taylor points to a helpful video Q&A with John Piper where he offers some very important cautions about the "New Calvinism." What you'll see is that these cautions are not only helpful for those people who include themselves within this particular Christian subculture, but for all Christians.